Off the Beaten Art Path

What comes to your mind when you hear Art? Paintings? Sculptures? These are the most common art forms that we know of! Many have developed a narrow conception regarding the definition of art and pinned it down to specific and limited types.

But honestly, art cannot be defined. Art as a form can be expressed in limitless manners. Have you wondered What are some not-so-typical forms of artlike? Let’s look at few lesser known not-so-typical art forms that are unique and beautiful.

Human Flowers
Look closely! What do you see? Do you see flowers? You’ll be amazed to know that these are flowers, but they are formed of human bodies! Who knew that not only human minds, but even human bodies could be equally creative?

An illusion of flower is created from the use of human bodies that are painted in different colours and laid out cleverly. A beautiful form of art, but alas, like the real flowers, they won’t last forever either.

Light Painting
Light painting, aka light art performance photography, is an atypical art form that is slowly but surely growing in popularity.

Exposures are made by a concentrated hand-held light source that is in motion while taking a long exposure photograph.Patrick Rochon and Rob Walker are few of the masters that are pushing the limits of this art form.

Sand Animation
Sand Animation is another beautiful art form that is beautiful but unfortunately cannot be preserved. A sand art image can dissipate from existence within seconds and can evolve into something new within moments.

The artist creates various sets of stunning images by merely drawing lines and figures with his hands in the sand. A light board or an overhead projector is typically used to display the art within the sand. The artist continually works on creating new images, no less than masterpieces, one after another within minutes.

Sound Art
Visual art has the power to evoke a feeling. But we don’t experience the world around us in only visual manner. We continuously experience sound around us. Sometimes, even in the times of silence! The sound is everywhere. With advanced technology, sound artists have been able to develop innovative pieces through a visual art that produces sounds.

These art pieces can be in the form of performance, installations, or sculptures. Sound artists have created sounds of the ocean by merely rubbing their hands on the carpet, or created terrifying compositions using Little Tikes Toy. Samson Young, CevdetErek and Carsten Nicolai are few of the most creative sound artists today.

Photo Realism
Photo Realism encompasses drawing as well as painting, and a photograph. The artist uses a picture or other graphic media as a primary source of visual reference and then creates a painting or drawing that is as realistic as possible to the referred photographicmedia.

You’ll be shocked to know that most number of people would confuse the photorealist painting with an actual photograph. Charles Bell, Robert Bechtle, Chuck Close, Richard Estes, and Audrey Flack were the first photorealists.

These are some of the not-so-typical art forms that you may not have heard of! If you know of art forms that can be addedto this list, do let us know in the comments below.



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