Cosplay is a type of work of art by which people use different costumes to look like the personality they would like to be. It’s not just for Halloween anymore. Today, the trend of the costume party is becoming more popular all over the world. From thousands of characters and styles for costumes and cosplay, here we present some of the best on the market.

Cosplay differs from Mardi Gras, Halloween and other parties with costumes, not only at the time of these independent vacations, but in their objective. The goal of cosplay is interpretation: an attempt to become a character much like a theater actor who lives on a piece of paper. It is expected that the costumes correspond completely to the dress known to the character portrayed. In addition, generic disguises are treated with elaborately artistic methods. Cosplayers can buy or the most common, create costumes through their own work. Cosplayers are often educated in the production of specialties such as sculpture, facial painting, fiberglass, fashion design and the like in an effort to make the appearance of a costume accurate. Accessories are also a fun part of cosplay because people can really go crazy with them.

Once in the dressing room, the cosplayers take the gestures and body language of the characters they represent. Cosplayers sometimes meet to see the other costumes, show their own creations, share tips, take pictures and participate in contests. These activities are maintained among the main meetings and events by participating in forums and online groups.

Fans who take pictures instead of posing in cosplay costumes are known as kamekozo, or “camera boys,” and they support the image and advertising of free cosplay idols for amateurs.
On the contrary, the Reiyaas are known as dedicated or unconditional Cosplayers. They meet in circles to make friends, produce their own costumes and organize meetings.

There is an element of Cosplay ritual that puts users in a different mood. The use of disguises is not a rebellion or search for fame, but a social group ready for groups of people with similar interests. The Cosplay scene in Japan is incorporated daily into the lives of many people in cities such as Harajuku and Akihabara. It is an aspect of traditional Japanese culture that is reflected in the Cosplay culture. Cosplay and the artisans involved have the soul to go beyond the limits to make the fantasy come true. Many cosplayers think that Cosplay is an extension of world culture.

The strong growth of the number of people who collect Cosplay items since 1990 has made this phenomenon an important part of popular culture. This is especially true in Asia, where Cosplay has influenced Japanese culture and street fashion. Companies increasingly seek to satisfy the interest of Cosplayers in clothing, accessories and collectibles.

Think about whether you are going to cosplay with a group or attend the show as an individual role. Remember to select a cosplay costume that matches the theme if it goes with a group theme. As you are a member of the group and will portray a character different from other members, be sure to discuss with your group which character is right for you.



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